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CUF - Launching August 2021


CUF creates exclusive, eye-catching timepieces. Every CUF is an article of absolute craftmanship and combines the beauty of a bracelet with the practicality of a watch. A true statement piece that will make any outfit noteworthy. From classic to modestly expressive to totally extravagant. Shape, pattern and color are thoughtfully brought together. A perfect balance between boldness and elegance, that fits around the wrist.


The two materials give a different feeling. Up to you to choose which one you connect to.


The materials of the bracelets of CUF timepieces have been carefully chosen.

CUF watches are made of base metals, such as brass, bronze and silver. These materials give boldness and character to the timepieces. They will not have a top coating since we love they patinate over time so they become more and more beautiful and alive. They will truly become ‘yours’.

CUF watches will also be available in cellulose acetate of premium Italian quality. We love this material for its light weight and eco-friendliness. Color will be our playground.